In our hyper-busy lives, we seek convenience and ease with pretty much everything. When it comes to food, this carries a high price for your health and your family’s health. Furthermore, we sometimes eat mindlessly, without regard to hunger or fullness. These habits can create a body and a health profile that you’re not happy with.

The Dauntless Lean Eating Program

  • A food, exercise, and lifestyle coaching program for people who want to become lean, fit and healthy.
  • The support of experienced trainers, coaches and health professionals.
  • Accountability to keep you on track and consistent.
  • Practical steps to get you eating nourishing food in appropriate quantities.
  • Exercise programming for time-efficient, all-over strengthening and fat loss.
  • On-going private email with guaranteed responses.
  • Simple tracking to monitor your progress.

This is an investment in your health, to build habits that will serve you for a lifetime.  

The program starts at $360 for a 3-month commitment.  Contact us.  We’ll answer your questions, hear your concerns and you can decide if it’s right for you.

We are Precision Nutrition Certified Coaches; ready to guide you with a science-based, research-driven program for creating a leaner, stronger, healthier you. Precision Nutrition is the largest nutrition coaching and research company in the world.  They are passionate about health, fitness and nutrition.  Just like us.

10 Elements of Wicked Good Health.

Proven, immediate benefits from each and every one.

Plus, tips for creating your best health.

Simple, personal, and sustainable.  

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