Fall 2017 Run Coaching

Starts September 12, 2017.

Lace up your shoes and let’s go!

We are ready to run!  Do you:

Want to have fun, get healthier, and meet like-minded people?

Want to run a race, but don’t know how to train?

Want to increase your speed?

Want to learn how to run without injury, but don’t know how to start?

Ready to set your sights on a longer distance race?

Join us and be part of a dynamic group that will foster unwavering support, accountability, and camaraderie!

We are offering TWO 8-week programs.  The first program is for first time/novice runners and will encompass running mechanics, resistance training, and running/walking.  The second program is geared towards more experienced runners wanting to run in races of longer distances. This program will include longer distance training runs, resistance training, speed training (if desired), and elevation training.

  • 2 weekly group runs beginning September 12, 2017: Tuesdays 6:30pm and Saturdays 8:30am.  Locations vary & TBD weekly

  • A personalized schedule to stay on track and keep you motivated

  • 8 weeks / $85 per person

Race goals:

  • Zombie 5K Fun Run   Millersville, Md.  October 28, 2017

  • Marine Corp 10K   Washington, DC   October 22, 2017

There will be two organized training runs/walks per week for eight weeks. Runners will also receive motivational and educational emails from the coaches, and information on related topics such as nutrition, stretching and cross-training each week. You will have ongoing professional support from our run coach Jim Cleveland, a nationally certified strength and conditioning specialist who is an experienced 5K to Marathon runner.

Most importantly, with our coaching support you will successfully complete the goals you set.

10 Elements of Wicked Good Health.

Proven, immediate benefits from each and every one.

Plus, tips for creating your best health.

Simple, personal, and sustainable.  

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