It’s not just black and white

It’s not just black and white

 Black/white. Good/bad. Right/wrong. Right/Left. On/off. Yes/no. Happy/Sad. We love our absolutes. We want to be sure. We want to be all in. We want to be right. We want to be dedicated –  24/7/365.  As if. In reality though, most of life is nuanced. Our...
Wait – don’t make that resolution yet.

Wait – don’t make that resolution yet.

2018. New year, new ___ ? If you are at all inclined to start this new calendar year with some form of To-Do list aimed at changing yourself, consider coming at this a different way. First, create a list of the things you’re doing well. Acknowledge your...

Potluck Tasting & Movie Night!

Details: WHEN:  Friday, November 17th @ 6:30pm WHERE: Dauntless WHAT:  Bring a favorite seasonal dish for others to taste, along with the printed recipe for sharing. (We’ll supply small tasting cups, utensils, etc.)  After some tasting we’ll watch Part 1:...

What is medicine?

Earlier this year I wrote a piece titled “What is health?” Now I’m pondering; what is medicine? One definition; “a substance used in treating disease or illness”. Another; “the art or science of preserving or restoring health or due...

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