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Owners Louise Orders and Beth Stewart

Owners Louise Orders and Beth Stewart

Louise Orders and Beth Stewart

After more than a decade working with clients at a large community athletic club, we created Dauntless to continue that work in a smaller, more private setting.  Here, along with a select group of highly qualified fitness and health professionals, we can fully support our clients as they pursue their personal health and fitness goals.

Dauntless is a community of people committed to taking responsibility for their health and fitness. We’re not fanatics; we know that life ebbs and flows and some days are better than others.  Life is short; have fun.

Dauntless is an attitude. It takes dedication to be healthy in today’s culture; to prepare our own food, to create and spend time within an actual community not just a virtual one, to get out of the chair or off the sofa and move more, to be creative with our lives and not simply reactive to the circumstances around us.  These are choices we make every day that our culture doesn’t always prompt or support.  It takes dedication, and sometimes a little courage too.  But it’s that important; and that’s why we’re Dauntless.

We believe regular movement that you enjoy combined with fresh, healthy food is the basis of a strong, vital, healthy and happy life.  We know from years of experience that there is no one approach that works for every person. We’ve all worked through the process of finding what works best for us as individuals and we practice it daily.  Here at Dauntless, we help others find their fitness.

We have an amazingly talented group of professionals here.  We’re sure you can find the perfect partner to help you achieve your personal goals.

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Ben is a passionate fitness professional who seeks to empower his clients to develop stronger and healthier bodies. He specializes in developing strength and conditioning programs for individuals with orthopedic risk factors. Ben has a special interest in injury prevention, sports performance training, and body weight strength training. Ben’s mantra, “Do the Reps,” highlights his philosophy of achieving results through focused and methodical repetition. Quality practice and consistent effort lead to success.
In addition to his work with Prescott Fitness, Ben currently works as the Assistant Director and Coach for the University of Maryland Gymkana Troupe.  More about Ben: Prescott Fitness.



Craig is a life-long fitness enthusiast. In addition to over 10 years as a fitness professional, he is a 3-time Golden Glove boxing champion in both Maryland and Virginia, an Amateur Athletic Union boxing silver medalist, and a Junior Olympics boxing gold medalist. He holds a BS in Fitness and Sports Management, and Certifications in Strength and Conditioning, USA Weightlifting, IKFF Kettlebells, Crossfit L1, and as a Boxing Trainer.   Craig’s philosophy:  “Your body is a machine – control your mind and your body will follow”!  Craig can be reached at  brooksfit@gmail.com.




Known more affectionately as DB, is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE), as well as a Certified Venice Nutrition Coach and CrossFit Level I & CrossFit Endurance Coach with 6+ years and thousands of hours of training experience with hundreds of clients of all ages and all walks of life.  Dale uses athletic based, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with an emphasis on both Core and Functional movements to get the greatest results for his clients.  “I specialize in helping you look and feel better by getting you to move again, losing unwanted weight, burning fat, and best of all having fun doing it. I will get the best out of you and push you to that next level in your workouts. I love training each type of client regardless of your goals and I feel fortunate that you’ve allowed me to be a part of achieving them.”   More on Dale at D3Fitness.com



Jackie Floyd is a certified Personal Trainer through ACE – The American Council on Exercise, and is on a mission to motivate others towards a fit, healthy lifestyle. She currently holds boot camp classes three days a week at Dauntless, as well as 1:1 and Small Group sessions. Jackie, owner of Bmore Vigorous, wants to help people get moving again. She understands how hard it can be to find the motivation to get started, but loves being the accountability link that most people need. Vigorous, an adjective, is defined as: Strong, healthy and full of ENERGY. Jackie wants to know what’s holding you back from feeling Vigorous? More on Jackie at Bmore Vigorous


Dauntless is the place for you to find your inspiration, get stronger and healthier, enjoy community, share success, learn, have some fun, and create more energy in your life.  Come and join us!